Stills from The Dragon Must Sleep


She is a beautiful young student of Kung Fu and Tai Chi with exceptional raw skills.  Lotus is confused and unfocused due to her lack of discipline and the hormones raging through her body.  She too is on a search for self-discovery and fulfillment.  She has been on a personal search for Nirvana for years and is hoping that Sifu Ben Zen will be able to enlighten her as well as to teach her the ultimate in Martial Arts.  When she was a child she was abducted by a stranger and molested.  She has never been able to forget the incident and the awful painful memories.  The past has permanently closed off her heart to men and love in general.  The worst part was that no one believed her abduction story.  The molester released her not far from her home.  This made her a loner and distrustful of everyone.  She is using Nirvana and all that it involves to hide behind and block out the ugly past.

 By being the top student of Ben Zens school she gets to be by his side more than most of the other students.  Kung Fu is an extremely demanding and physical discipline.  The way that Ben Zen has taken to instructing her is by sparing at half speed.  In these one on one sparing matches she tries to beat her master to the next move.  It is similar to chess in that every move has a counter and then a counter movement to that counter and so on until the last move, which is a checkmate.  There is a lot of sweating and continued body contact.  The technique Ben Zen is famous for is called dodging the bullet.  It involves knowing exactly how to set up your opponent to think of his next move, then dodging it.

Once during one of these personal sparing matches she actually checkmated Ben Zen because her intense physical beauty and especially her soft inviting eyes distracted him.  There was a long pause when she was in this dominant posture and for that instance they were one.  Of course it passed as an embarrassing fluke but the other students started to whisper things and this started to undermine the foundation of the school.  Lotus was much loved by fellow students but since the incident she was starting to cause a rift between those that thought she was lucky and those that were rightly afraid of the school breaking up. 

She is also at crossroads in her life and doesn’t know which way to go.  She knows that pursuing her feelings for her Sifu Ben Zen will end the existence of the school with all her true friends that she loves so much.  Her choice is to find love with this unique man or to continue looking for the pathway to Nirvana.

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