Stills from The Dragon Must Sleep

Baby T

Processed from certain Poppy plant substances called morphine.  It was finally purified/born in the nineteenth century and had free rain over the world for a very long time.  You could buy pure Heroin in candy stores.  It was once used in Coca Colas, and gave pregnant mothers a sort of happiness throughout the day.   Children would be medicated by parents if they had a fever.  It was finally labeled a controlled substance and regulated in the mid twentieth century.  It had hooked an entire country by that time.  At least half the population was Heroin addicts.

Over the years the purification process has been scientifically advanced and the process has achieved a break through with the help of supercomputers and biotechnology.  Rogue scientists have created a batch of ultra pure heroin from China that has no peer or equal in strength.  It only takes one time to create an addict for life.  This Heroin is so fine that it has achieved a conscience and a mind of itís own.  It can actually will the people around it to do anything it wants.  This batch of Heroin has a name.  It is called ďBabyĒ and it makes people do stupid things.  It has never met a person it canít control.  Baby wants to rule the world.  

He has a gang to do his dirty work called the Green Dragons.  He wants to absorb himself into your warm blood and take you to his personal Nirvana.  When heís done with you there is nothing left but a hollow hulk to be discarded.  Baby is only happy when he is inside a living being.  That is the closes he can get to be alive.

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